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Life Imitating Art

February 7, 2018

 This weekend I had another reminder of the therapeutic value of photography. Another day when I didn't want to get up or go out. Another day when I was sure there wouldn't be anything out there. How wrong I was.


On this particular morning the temperature was hovering just above freezing. When I walked out to the unheated birdbath I noticed a few linear ice features floating on the surface of the water. They piqued my interest but seemed so delicate I wasn't sure I'd be able to drain the remaining liquid water without destroying them. I did manage but it was a very, very delicate process. In the end there were shards of geometrically patterned ice lying in the bottom of the birdbath. The linear patterns as they lay jumbled together were stunning. Everything was a bit washed out color-wise but I thought I'd be able to do something dramatic with the editing process. The final images just floored me.

 These remind me of contemporary stained glass windows.

 And this one reminds me of light filtering through a piece of tortoiseshell.

 And this one? Jasper? Agate? Whatever the comparison, I loved the result. 

 This experience reminded me that seeing is a filtering process and that there is usually more out there to see than my expectations might lead me to believe. True, if I hadn't gotten up and gone out I would never have missed what I didn't see. But, having seen, I find myself forever changed. 


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