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Let There Be Light(s)

February 4, 2018

Confession: I have a bit of an obsession with the lighting departments of hardware and home improvement stores. I am particularly drawn to anything resembling a crystal chandelier. They just lend such an atmosphere of romance, even in the industrial surroundings of a big box store. 


Given that this blog's focus is generally on the unexpected beauty of garden and nature photography it might seem odd to pull up a post on the lighting department of a home improvement store. But part of what I enjoy doing is finding unexpected beauty in really unexpected places and a home improvement store fits that bill for  me. They're just not pretty...


Or are they? It kind of depends on where - and HOW - you look. 


I never buy anything and maybe that's part of what I enjoy about this obsession. It doesn't take a purchase to be gratified. I can just walk in and glory in the sparkly stuff and the quirky names (yes, names) of the lighting fixtures. Names like "Marlene" and "Arabella" and "Dierdre". I guess giving them girls' names makes them more attractive and easier to relate to? Nothing gendered going on here, folks, move along...


Of course, actually owning one of these light fixtures would probably be completely impractical. I can only imagine all the dust and dirt that would accumulate on the crystals and somebody has to clean that, you know. But, standing in the middle of the lighting department, surrounded by sparkles, I don't have to worry about any of that. I can just be my own sweet chandelier-loving geek self. 


 And, strange as it may seem at first, allowing myself to simply enjoy the beauty of something without any attached baggage or responsibility is something I really need. In their own sparkly way, lighting departments and their treasure trove of sparkle and light are just what the doctor ordered.







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